Training Tips

A bit of introductory guidance to help you
get going with training your dog.

Why dog training is a necessity
Whether you would like to teach your dog manners or show your dog in an AKC obedience trial, Nassau Dog Training Club can help. Your dog was not born with good manners. You need to teach your dog what you expect of him. We will teach you how to teach your dog. There is no need to holler at your misbehaving canine housemate or banishing him to the basement or the backyard to live his days in solitude. You do not need to hide him when company comes. Don’t threaten him with the pound! Put away the rolled up newspaper! Train your dog in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, with us – Nassau Dog Training Club.

Do you want to get your paws wet in the exciting sport of AKC Obedience? Have you thought of showing your dog in Obedience but didn’t know where to start? Nassau Dog Training Club will teach you the basics and get you on the path to success.

Perhaps you wish you and your dog had a better relationship. Do you feel that you and he are not connecting? That you are just a meal ticket and a warm bed to him? Nassau Dog Training Club will help you improve your relationship.

The basics of obedience training

All successful dog training starts with the basic philosophy that you reward good behavior, ignore naughty behavior, and correct what you can't (or shouldn't) tolerate. Examples: your dog sits patiently as grandma comes in the house for a visit - that is good behavior. Your dog barks at grandma because she is paying attention to your children and not him - naughty behavior. Your dog almost knocks grandma over with his enthusiasm over seeing her - this cannot be tolerated.

How do you reward your dog for good behavior? With whatever your dog loves. A treat, a toy or simply your praise in a high-pitched happy voice. Yes, dogs respond best to the same voice you already use on your kids to express delight.

Why am I going to ignore naughty behavior? Because, like kids, dogs usually misbehave because they are bored and want your attention. If your dog has to misbehave to get your attention, you're teaching him that works. Give him plenty of exercise and lots of safe toys to challenge him mentally and physically and we will help you train him to do the good behaviors that will get your attention.

How do I properly correct my dog when his behavior can't be ignored? Most importantly, NEVER HIT YOUR DOG! If your dog is doing something bad in front of you, get his attention to stop him. "Eh, eh!" Or give him a counter-command. If he is jumping on grandma and "Off" did not work, tell him to "sit" and REWARD him when he does. If you did not SEE the naughty behavior, even if no one could have done "it" but the dog, forget it. You've missed your chance.

Do not use your dog's name as part of the correction. Do not say, "Rover, no!" Your dog's name must only be associated with good things in his mind. You do not want your dog to ignore "Rover, come!" because he has learned his name has often been followed with a complaint by you.

And if you remember nothing else, remember this: reward and correction must be immediate. If you are house-training your dog and he urinates outside, giving him a treat when he comes in rewards him for coming in, not for relieving himself outside. If you come home from work and see the garbage can in the kitchen has been knocked over, yelling at your dog when he comes over to greet him will teach him not to greet you.